It takes a lot of different greases and lubricants to keep today's equipment up and running. The key to doing it efficiently and cost-effectively is matching the best products for the equipment and the application. That's why our FS Energy Specialists conduct an on-site assessment to make sure you get just the right products to deliver optimum performance and efficiency of your tractors, trucks, and other equipment.


Boyd Tenhouse, Lubricant Specialist 

Prairieland FS, Inc. is lucky enough to have our own in-house Lubricant Specialist. 

Boyd has been with the company for 16 years now, both on the Agronomy side and as a Petroleum Specialist. When is comes to knowing what products our customers need, he has the knowledge and real-life experience to help them run to their highest potential. 

Boyd is there to both help our fuel team and customers directly. If you have any questions on how FS Lubricants can help your equipment go further, give him a call! 217-440-6813