When it comes to proper nutrition, humans and plants are a lot alike - all life needs a balanced diet to keep us performing at our peak.  At Prairieland FS, we excel at balanced plant nutrition thanks to our knowledge of soils, plant growth and development, and tools that deliver optimum fertility your crop needs for maximum production.    

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MiField Nurture formulates recommendations on the core principles of 4R fertility management as outlined by The Fertilizer Institute, giving your crop the right source of nutrient, at the right rate, at the right time, and applied at the right place.  And with our tools of soil testing and mapping, you can manage the fertility of all your fields, through spatial mapping analysis and pinpointed, prescriptive fertility plans. 


 Prairieland FS has a complete line of starter and foliar nutrients that delivery the micronutrients and supplemental macronutrients when your crop needs them most.  




Through patented Fusion® technology, MicroEssentials® 

creates a nutritionally balanced fertilizer granule, providing a 

                                                                                          season-long boost in soil fertility.


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