Make the Precision Decision

Prairieland FS has a well-qualified team of Precision Farming experts in nutrition management, equipment sales, installation, and service. From variable planting to VRT fertilizer recommendations and data analysis. Prairieland FS has the knowledge to help you succeed.Utilize your precision team members to make the most of every precision acre. Let us drive more value with your precision equipment by learning from the data and using it to its full capability. Follow up by using that information to make more informed nutrient and seeding decisions and monitor the process from start to finish from your farm seat. Contact your Crop Specialist or Prairieland FS Precision Team to Find out more.

Precision Farming options include:

• VRT Fertilizer, Nitrogen

• Planting Recommendations

• Harvest, Planting and As-Applied Data Processing

• Remote Data/ Recommendation viewin

• GPS- A/B Line management