Prairieland's convenient and accessible FAST STOPĀ® locations feature quality diesel fuel, gasoline, and bio-diesel or ethanol blended fuels. And with over 300 locally and independently operated FAST STOP and FAST STOP Express locations throughout the Midwest, you can make FAST STOP your first stop.


Benefits of the FAST STOP Card

  • The dollar purchase limitations associated with major bank cards can be eliminated by using the FAST STOP Card.
  • Cards can be programmed to restrict purchases on:
    • Type of fuel
    • Day of week
    • Time of day
    • Specific sites
  • For greater security or greater convenience, multiple cards can be set up with identical PIN numbers or different PIN numbers.
  • No monthly fees

How to Apply

Today, nothing affects your bottom line more than rising fuel costs. Whether you track fuel purchases of your employees or your household, take charge with the FAST STOP Card.

The FAST STOP Card eliminates the need for cash or additional credit cards. You'll receive one easy-to-read statement, detailing every purchase. We want to make it easier to concentrate on your business and your household, not your fuel budget.

Contact your local Prairieland FS location today to get started!

FAST STOP Gift Cards

Available at:

  • Auburn
  • Chapin
  • Ipava
  • Mt. Sterling
  • Murrayville
  • Payson


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