2017 Plot Data

​Please check back often as we are uploading information daily!  Corn trials are listed in red while the bean tri​​als are listed in green.


​​​Obert Custom Farms ​
​Venverloh Test Plot ​
Wayne Dedert Test Plot ​​​
​Obert Custom Farms 63-34 ​SXS ​

Ursa Corn Plot ​​

Houston Bean Plot 

​Miller Test Plot ​

​Adair, MO

​​Stoney Matteson Corn Plot ​
​​Liberty Link Plot ​


​​Kochnoo​k​ Dairy ​

Kochnook Dairy Bean Plot ​

Reische Bean Plot ​

Cooper Corn Plot ​​​





​​ ​​​Welch Bean Plot ​


​​​Hettinger Farms Corn Fungicide Trial

Hettinger Farms Soybean Fungicide Trial


​​​Taylorville FFA​ 

Clark, MO 

​​​​​Phillips Farm

O'Day Corn Plot ​​​​​​​​​

Meinhardt Corn Plot ​

​Phillips Farm Soybean Trial​

​Philips Farm Soybean Treatment Trial ​


​​Klemm Nemastrike Soybean Trial​


​​Dennis Turner Corn Plot ​​

Casey McCausland/Susan Cheney Corn Population Trial​

​Casey McCausland/Susan Cheney Standardized Soybean Trial​​

Casey McCausland/Susan Cheney Standardized Double​

Astoria FFA 2017 Corn Trial​​


​Zick Nemastrike Soybean Trial ​​​​​​

Knox, MO

Schrage Soybean Plot ​​​


Lewis, MO

​​Keith Logs​don Test Plot ​​​

Hogan Bean Trial ​


​​​Rod Conklen Corn plot ​


​​Petry Seed Treatment Soybean Trial​​​​​​


Metzger Corn Plot ​

​Marion, MO

​​Taylor Corn Plot ​

Logan rt. 6 Bean Plot ​​​


​​Spratt Corn Plot- Nitrogen Trial

​Spratt Corn Plot- Fungicide Trial

​​Spratt Corn Plot- MB 2017 ​​

North Corn Strip Trials ​​


​​Rosenthal Farms Corn Plot ​


​​​​​Campbell- Treated ​

Jay ​Meado ASG Beans ​
Jay Meado Hisoy Beans ​

Woodrum Corn Plot ​​


​​RTS Farms- Asgrow Conv. Plot ​

RTS Farms- Asgrow MD Plot ​

​RTS Farms- Asgrow Pop. Plot ​

​​​RTS Farms- Seed treatment Plot ​

Hammit Standard Corn Trial

Kinderhook FSAT Trial

​Kinderhook Split N Trial

Kinderhook Sta​rter ​Trial

​Dave Barton SXS Trial

Kinderhook Seed Treatment - Population - Row Spacing Trial

Kinderhook Variety Trial ​​

Campbell Farms Corn Plot ​

Liehr Farms Plot ​


​​Snell Corn Plot ​​

Dowson Farms ​

Dam​bacher Plot

​Dambacher Plot - V3 Corn Plot 

Eck-  V3 Corn Plot ​

​​Moss- V3 Soybean Plot ​

​Eck- V3 Soybean Plot ​

​Snell Soybean Plot 

Dowson Farms Corn Plot Summary ​

JC Dowson Double Pro Plot ​




​​Miller Soybean Treatment Plot ​

​Schuyler Co. Fair Plot ​


Scotland, MO 


​Scott- PRLFS Corn Plot 

​​Sabrex Trial Corn after Corn
​Sabrex Trial Corn Following Beans 
​Elite Vs. Basic Treatment Corn following Beans 
​​​Elite Vs. Basic Treatment Corn after Corn 
​Foliar Feed Trial 
​Shading Trial
Fungicide Trial
​Hybrid Trial- Corn after Corn
​Hybrid Trial Corn following Beans
​Nitrogen Trial
​​Corn Starter Trial ​

​Scott​- PRLFS Soybean Plot 

​​Soybean Foliar Trial​​​​

Soybean Foliar and Fungicide Trial 

Ask Me How Trial

Extendimax Drift Trial

Soybean Seed Treatment Trial

Soybean Starter Trial

​Soybean Variety Trial

​Beans following Beans / Beans following Corn / Population on Both​​


​​Weihmeir corn plot​​

Gil Turner Competitor Corn Plot ​


​​​J. Spencer Conv bean plot​

J. Spencer RR XTEND plot ​

J. Spencer seed treatment S X S ​


Smoot Corn Plot- West of Catlin ​

​Smoot Corn Plot- SxS

Third Party (Corn)

​​​​​Springfield Replication Corn Trial​

​Farm Management Data ​

T​hird Party (Bean)​